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Malibu Farm in Lido Marina Village to Sell Fresh Food and Drinks

Malibu Farm is set to open at Lido Marina Village in spring 2018 and, as a sign outside the soon-to-be spot announces, it’ll serve alcohol, just as its sister location does in Malibu. (For reference, here’s the current bar menu at the latter establishment.)

The farm-to-table brand was founded by Helene Henderson, who spent 20 years in catering and events; she also taught cooking classes and created wholesome dinners out of her home and in her own backyard. Henderson’s food was simple, fresh and local, and soon, diners wanted more, so she took her idea for understated eats to the entirety of the Malibu Pier. She opened Malibu Farm Cafe at the end of the Malibu Pier and a full-service restaurant and bar, Malibu Farm Restaurant, at its beginning.

“We are not a big corporation or funded by investors,” she explains. “We are a locally owned, small business. Our food is super simply prepared, there are no secret ingredients, and many of you have been to my home picking produce and cooked the very same recipes we use at the cafe.”

(Editor’s Note: We have not been to Helene Henderson’s home and enjoyed a just-cooked meal but are totally jealous of all those who are referenced in this statement who have.)

Most of Henderson’s recipes utilize whole wheat flours, whole grains, vegetables and fruit. “I love arugula,” she says. “And I totally believe there is no such thing as too much lemon.”

What you won’t find among her plates? “Fake food,” as she describes. That means no margarine, no veggie butter and no sugar substitutes, ever.

When spring rolls around, Malibu Farm will take host on the top level of Lido Marina Village, a choice spot with panoramic views of Newport Bay. Notably, when it opens Malibu Farm will be the very first eatery to make a splash on the upper-level of the newly renovated Lido Marina Village.

The menu, according to the Lido Marina Village site, will be a “best of” combo between the current menus at Malibu Farm Cafe and Malibu Farm Restaurant. It will also offer exclusive specials available only at the Lido Marina Village location. Here’s to hoping those exclusive specials involve one-of-a-kind drinks.

Malibu Farm
3420 Via Oporto, Suite 101 & 3416 Via Oporto, Suite 104

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