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10 Things to Know About the Pacific Wine & Food Classic

It’s no accident the word “classic” is at the end of this event; the Pacific Wine & Food Classic is one of the most quintessentially elegant food festivals to happen all year. Organized by the O.C. Restaurant Association, the two-day extravaganza runs as smoothly as a buttery, unoaked Chardonnay. (By the way, shameless plug! Read our recap from last year’s event if you want a little background information.)

In fact, here are 10 facts to know about the Pacific Wine & Food Classic before you click here to buy your tickets, which range from $99 to $259 … 

It’ll take place Aug. 18-19 at Newport Dunes.

In the heat of summer, there might be no better way to cool down than with wine and delectable bites. Agreed?

Organization reigns at this event; expect no real lines.

Here credit is due to the team at the O.C. Restaurant Association for not only producing such a chic event but also for having the foresight to know unending lines are the bane of a hungry gourmand’s existence. Last year, the Pacific Wine & Food Classic attendance was capped at a sizable yet manageable number and the wait was no more than two minutes for any given pour or plate, though most vendors had no wait at all.

All your favorite wineries will be there.

You can view the full list here but almost 75 wineries will be at the event, pouring their vintages for your discerning and unending taste. Expect wineries of all size; from large, brand-name wines to small, family vineyards … this event covers it all.

And breweries, too!

Hey, we get it. The temperatures are climbing and you just want an ice-cold beer. Well, the Pacific Wine & Food Classic has your back. Peruse the beer here.

If you’re an O.C. foodie, you better be there.

More than 60 local chefs will serve their food at this event and there’s also other random yet totally cool things happening like a silent disco, a taco and beer lounge, a clam bake by Chef Pascal Olhats and Baja Shellfish, a summer wine garden and more.

The crowd is chic.

Attendees aren’t just epicurean in nature, they’re also sartorially gifted, and it’s quite the stylish experience to watch the well-dressed crowd stroll from booth to booth.

The VIP area is like a playground for grown-ups.

This year, VIP guests will experience a Hornitos lounge and sip fresh summer margaritas featuring Hornitos Cristalino Tequila. They’ll also be privy to a whole host of wines and cocktails, plus food from your local favorites like Farmhouse, Filmena’s Bluegold, The Country Club, Mixed Bakery and more.

The event is adults only.

Attendance is strictly 21 and over, so feel free to let loose with the big kids … because no actual kids will be there.

The food stands are extravagant (in the best way possible).

If you think the eats are good at this event, wait until you see how they’re presented … and we’re not just talking small, adorable bamboo plates. Booths are arranged with chiffon flowing atop a succulent-lined display, or served from a colorful food truck or atop slabs of natural, wood grain.

Did we mention the views?

Of course, all this happens against a glittery, waterside vista, where small waves crash against a slim shoreline and the sun shines bright on a bay view almost as unforgettable as the event itself.

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