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Feedspot Names West Oceanfront ‘Best 10 Coastal Lifestyle Magazines’

It was a warm-ish afternoon, the slight autumn breeze churning a relatively calm Pacific Ocean when the email arrived: Congratulations, your magazine was named ‘Best 10 Coastal Lifestyle Magazines’ by Feedspot.

Well, WOW.

The news was sweeter than pumpkin spice lattes, and more satisfying than cozy turtleneck sweaters or that spicy, warm smell of a wood-burning fire. It was, in a word, awesome.

West Oceanfront Magazine‘s inclusion on this prestigious list proved especially poignant because we hadn’t applied, hadn’t asked, and were simply plucked from obscurity, chosen among a world of publications penning stories about beach-lined towns and named among the best. 

According to the site, those who made the ’10 Best’ were selected from thousands of coastal lifestyle magazines on the web using search and social metrics. “Subscribe to these websites,” the article explains, “Because they are actively working to educate, inspire, and empower their readers with frequent updates and high-quality information.”

Other publications included in Feedspot’s roundup include: Coast Magazine, Ocean Home Magazine, South Shore Living Magazine, Newport Beach Lifestyle Magazine, Coastal Style Magazine, Coastal Monthly Magazine, My Outer Banks Home Magazine and Coastal Living Magazine.

Thanks, Feedspot, for the validation to know our work is being noticed and honored in such an impactful way. We don’t do it for the accolades or awards but it sure feels nice to win.

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