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Hey, Thanksgiving: You’ve Got Kale


This is crazy. Thanksgiving is in four days. WHERE IS TIME? And does it know how to cook a turkey in the microwave?

Anyway, here we are, on Monday morning, steeped in things to do, people to see and the encroaching fear of what to make for Thanksgiving dinner. Well, good thing it’s time for another edition of Make Your Market, our weekly West Oceanfront series on how to take the deliciousness of the Newport Beach Farmers’ Market and turn it into deliciousness on your plate.

This week, we’re exploring the wild world of kale. The leafy vegetable is not only trendy but also a hearty ingredient to star in your new, favorite Thanksgiving side dish. Hold up, though. Before we get into the recipe, here’s our brief pitch on why kale is worth the leaf:

Did you know …?

At the Newport Beach Farmers’ Market, Divine Harvest Family Farms usually carries two varieties of kale: curly kale, which tastes hearty and a hint bitter (in the best way possible), and Lacinato (or dinosaur) kale, which has tall, narrow leaves and a more earthy, nutty flavor. This recipe can be made with either variety but we chose curly kale, bought Sunday from Divine Family Farms’ booth, because we saw it first in the refrigerator.

Here’s how to make a kale side dish this Thursday:


(Serves two. Double, triple or quadruple as necessary.)


*Note* Ingredients from the Newport Beach Farmers Market are listed in BOLD

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