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A Secret Cookie Recipe Revealed

Back when I lived in New York, there was a particular chocolate chip cookie recipe that was asked for at every birthday party and half-birthday party and fake birthday party there ever was. The recipe had been mine alone, as everyone knew, and “Melissa’s Cookies” were perfected over years of burned cookie edges, too-melted chocolate and raw-dough centers. Once I figured out the proportions, every batch turned out undeniably delicious.

I’d forgotten about my famous cookies until last night, when I was flipping through the TV channels only to find one of my favorite Food Network stars taking out a hot tray of the chocolate chip variety. Suddenly, I was brought charging back to those sweet NYC nights, setting out a plate of cookies on a Saturday as my friends all rushed over, screaming in atonal unison, “COOKIES!”

Anyway, here’s the secret recipe … and it uses honey, which you can get from Bee Ladies Honey every Sunday at the Newport Beach Farmers’ Market.



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