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Balboa Island Museum Networking Event Highlighted Women’s Success Stories

A networking event held mid-February at the brand-new Balboa Island Museum highlighted the triumphs and tribulations of several influential businesswomen. The event featured a speaker panel of powerhouse local females and served as the official kick-off for the museum’s women’s networking series. An honest, open and personal discussion was guest-moderated by Kim Bates, a leader in women’s mentorship, coaching, and empowerment, who is also the founder of The WSDM® (Wisdom) Salon Series for Women.

Panelists included:

Throughout the evening, panelists shared their insights as they traveled on their own paths to success but more importantly, their failures, and the tough lessons these challenges taught them. As the official Balboa Island Museum announcement explained, the evening was a chance for these women to “share their personal stories to light up the hearts, minds, and souls of the audience.”

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