Original recipes that feature local ingredients. If you’d like to submit a recipe to be featured by West Oceanfront, email us here.

Beets Two Ways

We’re making the beet root and the beet green, all from ingredients procured at the Newport Beach Farmers’ Market.


Coffee Squash

Yes, you read this one right. It’s a surprising combination but that’s exactly why it works. We drizzled Koa Coffee, (made in Kona, HI) all over squash picked up from the Newport Beach Farmers’ market and the result was delicious.


Brussels Sprouts

This particular Brussels sprout dish is aromatic yet light and summer fresh, and uses Brussels sprouts procured from the farmers’ market at Newport Pier. (Get yours every Sunday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.) It’s also completely healthy and satisfying as a standalone main dish or side dish for burgers, BBQ chicken and the seasonal, meaty like.


Handmade Pasta and Local Tomatoes

Try this recipe for homemade pasta with a whole lot of variations; add cracked pepper to the dough, add cheese to the dough, splash wine into the dough (we love that one) … no matter how you make it, this pasta breaks all myths that homemade varieties are difficult to make. Oh, and did we mention this pasta is totally gluten free?! No? Well, then …