Writing Club

Ready to get those creative juices flowing? Every Monday morning, we’ll post a new writing prompt. Submit your short story based on this prompt—no more than 2,500 words—to hello@westoceanfrontmagazine.com by Friday at noon and you might see it published! (We also accept artwork and photographs inspired by this prompt in .jpeg or .png format.)
Writing Prompt // Feb. 5, 2018

It’s late at night. Maybe midnight but possibly much later. There’s no one on the beach, not even the smattering of couples who usually make out under blankets and beneath hastily made towel forts. You feel the sand between your toes, colder than usual, and stare at the horizon. On the edge of the world, just where Catalina Island should be, you see a light, bright and glaring. The light is getting larger, the floating object getting sharper as it approaches the shore. You’re not sure if you should be scared or elated and then, with a sigh into unseen shadows, you know exactly what’s coming your way.