Your Ultimate Local Gift Guide for Father’s Day

This year on Father’s Day, let’s make a pact. Can we please promise to skip the generic, last-minute card on which we all hastily scribble some reference to an obscure dad-centric fishing trip we’ll never take, or a fancy car we’ll one day buy him when we finally find an investor for our digital cat-walking app?


Instead, let’s get Dad something he’ll use. Introducing … our West Oceanfront Ultimate Local Gift Guide™. (This thing is not actually trademarked but wouldn’t that be awesome?)

In words and photos, we’ve curated 10 realistic and reasonably priced—well, MOSTLY!—gift ideas you can purchase locally in Newport Beach to bestow upon your ever-loving father this Sunday. And the best part about our West Oceanfront Ultimate Local Gift Guide™? The presents range from $7 – $728.

Whatever you decide to pick for Pops, remember they say money can’t buy you love, so even if you do go with a single can of beer, (a creative variation on the six-pack beer option below) we’re sure your dad will still like you. Probably. 

A Hat from Cassidy’s Bar & Grill

Price: $20

Where to get it: Cassidy’s Bar & Grill (2603 Newport Blvd., Newport Beach, CA 92663)

Why it’s cool for dad: The better question here is why isn’t it cool for dad? Nothing says “I’m the kind of dad your friends want to hang out with” more than a neat Cassidy’s trucker hat. This gift also works overtime if your dad has ever indulged in the local delicacy that is a Cassidy’s burger but now lives somewhere beyond the gentle boundaries of Newport Beach. Anyone who’s anyone will ask him where he got that hat, and if these inquiring minds know the bar, will also probably share a few burger-imbued, bomb-pop dulled memories of their own. It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Beer from Sportman’s Liquor

Price: $7 – 20+, depending on the beer you choose. (See reference to single can above.)

Where to get it: Sportsman Liquor (2615 Newport Blvd., Newport Beach, CA 92663)

Why it’s cool for Dad: Look, dads like beer. It’s just one of those universal truths of dad-iosity that cannot be denied. And if, after carefully reading through this entire West Oceanfront Ultimate Local Gift Guide™, you still somehow forget to buy a gift and find yourself hungover on Sunday morning, empty-handed and a little nauseous, (but you’ll totally get it together in time for that Father’s Day brunch), support your local liquor store. It’s kind of like being a farm-to-table enthusiast, except swap the locally sourced produce for locally stocked beer. See? We bet you’re feeling better already.

Sessions West Coast Deli Coffee Mug

Price: $16

Where to get it: Sessions West Coast Deli (823 Newport Blvd., Newport Beach, CA 92663)

Why it’s cool for Dad: Like that thing your dad does when he signs his text messages—Did you make your dentist appointment yet? – From Dad—this coffee mug is pure fun. It’s half the size of a regular coffee canister, which makes it ideal to bring on an early-morning beach walk. Also, Matt Meddock, co-founder and creator of Sessions West Coast Deli, is himself a rad dad, (for reference, see his cute-kiddo-filled Insta here), so buying this mug is subtly paying homage to your own father’s awesomeness.

A Staycation at Lido House

Price: $728(ish). We randomly used the Lido House online reservation tool to book Father’s Day weekend at this newly opened, Marriott Autograph Collection hotel and for a guest room with a king-sized bed, the total came to $728. Feel free to play around with different dates, rates and room options here. Or, verify our own bad math in the search results for Father’s Day weekend here.

Where to get it: Lido House (3300 Newport Blvd., Newport Beach, CA 92663) or online at

Why it’s cool for Dad: Lido House is like that really chic friend you sometimes get to hang out with whose Instagram photo of coffee foam always gets more than 100 likes. Every corner of this hotel was designed for a like-worthy photo op, and staying here grants guests access to even more amenities than a casual night out dining at Mayor’s Table would afford. Dad can lounge by the pool, get a massage at Boost Spa or skip the line for rooftop bar, Topside, because his room key grants him automatic access to the top floor. If you splurge on this gift, might as well spell “Dad” by writing “B-O-S-S.”

An Actual Book from Lido Village Books

Price: $7 – 25 depending on the book. (Hardcover vs. paperback will most likely determine your final price.)

Where to get it: Lido Village Books, Lido Marina Village (3424 Via Oporto #102, Newport Beach, CA 92663)

Why it’s cool for Dad: The truth is, your dad most likely came from a time before computers and before cell phones, when dates had to be arranged via carrier pigeons delivering handwritten notes (we’re guessing) and books were printed on real paper. Remind him of his childhood and support local literature at the very same time by gifting him a really good read.

Newport Board Club Membership

Price: $150 for a one-month, non-reoccurring membership.

Where to get it: Newport Board Club (408 31st St, Newport Beach, CA 92663) or online here.

Why it’s cool for Dad: This one is for the surfing dad. A one-month membership to Newport Board Club not only gives Dad stoke-worthy access to a whole host of amazing shapers, it also comes with a personalized Board Card that delivers discounts to a ton of well-loved, local spots. Also, did we mention the insane amount of boards now at his disposal?

Fish from Bear Flag Fish Co.

Price: $8 – 25, depending on menu items ordered.

Where to get it: Bear Flag Fish Co. (3421 Via Lido, Newport Beach, CA 92663)

Why it’s cool for Dad: If there’s a second-favorite thing Dads like after beer, it’s fish. You might never take that long-awaited fishing trip but you can give him the next-best option, fresh catches-of-the-day from Bear Flag Fish Co. Another variation on this theme: Purchase a few pieces of fresh fish from the counter adjacent to the register and grill out with Dad on the porch or in your backyard. Classic dad stuff.

A Duffy Ride

Price: $79/hour for an eight-person Duffy. (See other options to reserve online here.)

Where to get it: Our go-to Duffy rental spot is OC Boat Rentals (93333 West Coast Hwy #201, Newport Beach, CA 92663) but if you want to go fancier—and a little pricier per hour—Electric Boat Rental at Lido Marina Village (3424 Via Oporto, Newport Beach, California 92663) takes online reservations here.

Why it’s cool for Dad: Both OC Boat Rentals and Electric Boat Rental provide the option to buy a gift card or reserve online, which means two things: 1. Either give Dad the gift card and chance that he’ll take a ride with mom and skip your invite. Or 2. Book the actual Duffy yourself because who is calling you lazy? Then grab those beers we mentioned in the Sportman’s Liquor gift idea and celebrate Dad’s day on the bay.

Sugar Paper Los Angeles Notebook

Price: $14 – $30, depending on the notebook. (“Note to Self” notebook pictured is $15.)

Where to get it: Sugar Paper Los Angeles, Lido Marina Village (3431 Via Oporto #105, Newport Beach, CA 92663)

Why it’s cool for Dad: A gift for the creative dad, the writing dad, the dad with hopes and dreams to pen a memoir about his life in corporate finance. Paper is “in” again and nobody does paper better than Sugar Paper LA.

A Bike Ride

Price: $5 – 60, depending on duration of the rental.

Where to get it: We’ve got our favorite bike-rental spots and they include: 20th St. Beach and Bikes (2001 W Balboa Blvd, Newport Beach, CA 92663); Newport Cruisers (2233 W. Balboa Blvd., Newport Beach, CA 92663); and Paddle Board Newport Beach (1500 W. Balboa Blvd 101, Newport Beach, CA 92663). 20th St. Beach and Bikes charges $20 for a two-hour bike rental, $20 for a full day and $50 for the week. You can book online here. Newport Cruises charges $5 for an hour rental, $20 for an all-day rental and $60 for a week-long rental and you can find more information here. Note that Newport Cruisers does not take advanced or online reservations. Paddle Board Newport Beach charges $20 for an all-day rental and you can book online here.

Why it’s cool for Dad: You can’t get much more Newport Beach than coasting down the boardwalk in a sweet, sweet beach cruiser. The memories you’ll make come Father’s Day—wind in your hair, Dad by your side—are pretty much priceless. Or $20 for the all-day rental. It’s really just a matter of perspective.