Malibu Farm is HERE!

After months of anticipation, Malibu Farm is finally open in Lido Marina Village. Walk in to experience coastal-chic vibes, private dining, retail space—who doesn’t want a Malibu Farm tee?—and of course, eats and drinks worthy of its eponymous name. Like Malibu, the farm-to-table haven exudes casual elegance on the water, a confluence of unfettered simplicity and oh-so-very-cool.

The earthy brand was founded by Helene Henderson, who spent 20 years in catering and events; she also taught cooking classes and created wholesome dinners out of her home and in her own backyard. Henderson’s food was simple, fresh and local, and soon, diners wanted more, so she took her idea for understated eats to the entirety of the Malibu Pier. She opened Malibu Farm Cafe at the end of the Malibu Pier and a full-service restaurant and bar, Malibu Farm Restaurant, at its beginning. And now, Malibu Farm is popping up everywhere, including our own Newport Beach.

While the menu and finer details at the newest Orange County location are still somewhat unknown, we did learn Malibu Farm is set to feature plenty of craft cocktails on its menu and some stealthy sleuthing has revealed what a few of those libations will be:

Smoke: Mescal, shishito chili agave, fresh lime juice

Strawberry: Vodka, strawberry lemon basil agave, fresh lemon juice and Prosecco

Tomato: Vodka, house-made Bloody Mary mix

Grapefruit: Honey bush tea-infused bourbon, agave, fresh grapefruit juice

Papaya: Papaya and strawberry-infused tequila, agave, fresh lime juice

Mint: Rum, mint agave, fresh lime juice

Jalapeño: Tequila, jalapeño agave, fresh lime juice

Mango: Dill and mango-inflused pisco, mango Cuban tea agave, fresh lime juice, egg whites

Coconut: Toasted coconut-infused rum, coconut agave, fresh pineapple juice

Watermelon: Cucumber-infused vodka, agave, fresh lime juice, fresh watermelon juice

Malibu Farm is also making its own house-made ice creams, (coffee, saffron, salted caramel, strawberry, vanilla, chocolate and other delicious flavors can be expected) and serves a bevy of health-forward plates, including: salmon with shishito peppers, build-your-own branzino taco, vegan tofu curry, steak fajitas, a traditional cheeseburger, and much more.

So, what do you think? Are you excited to have yet another worthy dining spot in Lido Marina Village?