My Three Favorite Beaches in Newport Beach

By Muhammad Irshad

There’s something totally and uniquely rejuvenating about the beach. From the smell of salty water to the feeling of sunshine on your face to the warmth of sand between your toes, a beach trip is a true delight to all senses. Wake up early, walk to the beach and enjoy breakfast as the waves break.

Here’s my pick for the three best beaches in Newport …

Crystal Cove

Three miles of uninterrupted waterfront make Crystal Cove a coastal oasis in Newport Beach (and the ideal location to take in a mesmerizing sunset). Crystal Cove boasts rocky reefs, gently sloppy hills, tide pools and pristine sand. In addition to a world-class beach, Crystal Cove is also a coveted destination for mountain bikers, hikers and scuba divers. So, if you’re looking to explore your adventurous side, Crystal Cove is your spot.

The Wedge

While The Wedge offers the sun and sand of other beaches in Newport, it’s most well-known as a surfer’s and bodyboarder’s paradise. With the right swell, waves at The Wedge can reach incredible heights and there’s nothing more stoke-worthy than sitting on the shore, watching as expert riders carve paths down epic waves.

Little Corona Beach

There’s a steep hill to reach this beach but once you arrive, it’s well worth the walk. Little Corona Beach offers not only waves for surfers but also small tide pools, ideal for wading in and walking between as you stroll the sandy terrain. Because the beach is a bit off the beaten path, you won’t find the crowds like you would at some of the more popular beach spots around town, so plan to wake up early and spend a morning at Little Corona.