West Oceanfront: World’s Top Coastal Lifestyle Magazine

Woah. Top 10 Coastal Lifestyle Magazine for 2019? Awesome.

It’s one thing to work hard at something — the midnight phone calls, the back-and-forth text messages, the tweaks, the changes, the un-changes — but it’s another to see your hard work validated by someone other than your dad. *JK, I know you guys read this. But my dad may still be my No. 1 fan.

Anyway, it’s a total honor to be named by Feedspot as 2019’s Top 10 Coastal Lifestyle Magazines to Follow in the world. (Google “best coastal magazines” to see West Oceanfront Magazine pop up.) Our team, as I’ve said many times before, doesn’t do it for the accolades but it sure helps to know people appreciate the things we put out into the universe.

So, on behalf of all of us at West Oceanfront Magazine, thank you for reading and making us among the world’s best. And yes, there’s still room to get better because being at the top is just geography; being a constant innovator is a philosophy that never ends.