Newport Beach Dog Beach

Everything you need to know about our local dog beach, an incredible oasis for canine cuteness on the border of Newport Beach and Huntington Beach where dogs are allowed off-leash to play, swim and in general, just be dogs …

Location: 7482 Seashore Dr., Newport Beach, CA 92663

Hours of Operation: Technically all beaches in Newport Beach are open 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., so it’s safe to assume that if you’re planning a trip to Newport Beach Dog Beach, technically called Border Beach, you should fit your excursion squarely within that time frame.

How to Get There: Head northbound on Seashore Drive, which runs parallel to Pacific Coast Highway along Balboa Peninsula, until you reach the end of the roach, which intersects with Summit Street. You’ll find yourself at a small roundabout that serves as the unofficial entrance to the dog beach. Drivers beware, if you’re visiting the beach on the weekend, parking can be “ruff”—sorry, we had to—so as you drive along Seashore Drive toward Newport Beach Dog Beach and find an open parking spot, take it. What’s a few blocks of walking when the veritable Disneyland for dogs is at your journey’s end?

Why Its Paw-some: A hidden gem for local Newport Beach dog owners, the Newport Beach Dog Beach is a little corner of beach tucked between the Santa Ana River and the 74th St. lifeguard tower. Though it was closed for about a year due to environmental construction and rehabilitation, the spot is now unofficially back. Unlike the rest of the 6.2-mile Newport Beach strand, which allows leashed dogs to walk on the sand before 10 a.m. and after 4:30 p.m., this particular strip of shoreline is a designated off-leash dog area. The size of Newport Beach Dog Beach depends on the tides; sometimes the sand covers most of the area so dogs can roam free and sometimes, it’s just a tiny strip of shoreline. Either way, be careful where you let your dog run; an Animal Control truck does drive by infrequently to check that off-leash dogs are on the north side of the 74th St. jetty. Beyond that minor stress point, the place is doggy heaven on Earth. Expect to see Golden Retrievers and snow-white Siberian Huskies galloping freely in the surf while tiny Chihuahuas and rescue terriers scamper across the sand ’til their heart’s content.