Crow Burger Kitchen Closes; Chihuahua Brewing Company Set to Open in Its Location

With little fanfare or explanation, Crow Burger Kitchen closed its dog-friendly doors March 30, ending a nearly seven-year-long run on Balboa Peninsula.

“To our outstanding customers: Crow Burger Kitchen has been sold,” read a Facebook post. “It has been a pleasure to serve you and we appreciate everyone who came through our doors to share a burger and a beer with us. Thank you all for your continued support and patronage. We couldn’t have done it without you!!!”

Several burger and beer emojis followed the message and with that Crow Burger Kitchen was no more.

In its place arrives Chihuahua Brewing Company, formed in 2017 “to brew quality beer in a fun, inviting and relaxed atmosphere,” according to a job posting on LinkedIn. Focused on brewing “great beers,” the company is inspired by Mexican-style lagers and the spirited life that surrounds South of the Border style. No word yet on whether they’ll also serve food but our guess is expect it to be Mexican-inspired bites to pair with the brews. It’s also unclear if, like Crow Burger Kitchen, dogs will be allowed on the outdoor patio but here’s hoping the owners are all about that pup-friendly life.

In the world of craft beer, Mexican lagers are on the rise in both popularity and complexity. Once thought as those somewhat flavor-less golden beers that require a lime squeeze for taste, they’re now made by even the most high-brow of breweries, edged with notes of honey, citrus, sweet grains and even funk. They also, of course, known as the ideal beach beer, which should play out well for Chihuahua Brewery Company’s location, just a few blocks from the beach.

“We are developing a team of inspirational, self-starting individuals who have a desire to be part of something special,” explained the LinkedIn post. “Most of all, we can’t wait to share great beer with good people and bring back the motto, ‘Making Friends is our Business.'”

While Chihuahua Brewing Company’s website still says “coming soon,” (as do the signs outside the physical storefront), they are at this very moment hiring. If interested in working at the new Newport Beach brewery, email your resume to

So, what do you think? Will you visit this Mexican-style craft beer spot when it opens?