Free Friday at Orange County Museum of Art

Tonight, put down the eggnog and head straight to the Orange County Museum of Art (OCMA) for Free Friday, a weekly event that is just what it sounds: On Friday, entrance into the museum is free. Peruse art from Ed Ruscha, Brice Bischoff and Jack Goldstein, innovators that employ cinematic techniques to create esoteric vantage points in their work. “Their decisions about what to include and how to present it, in turn, shape our perceptions about the world around us,” tweeted the official OCMA account.

OCMA is located at 850 San Clemente Dr. in Newport Beach, and is widely considered the premier visual arts organization in Orange County. The museum’s collection comprises nearly 2,500 objects of modern and contemporary art; special focus is given to the art of California from the early 20th century as well as works by local, national, and international artists creating today.

As part of tonight’s Free Friday at OCMA, you can also enjoy a free-of-charge performance by DanceLove Dance Academy, beginning at 7 p.m. In conjunction with the exhibition Shi Zhiying, DanceLova Dance Academy will present traditional a Chinese dance passed down from generations and shared among different ethnic groups including, Han, Dai, Mongolian, Miao and Uighur. Through movement, this dance continue the tradition of creating bridges that connect our most basic emotions with expression.

To learn more about the performance and OCMA, click here.