Happening Tomorrow: Free Beach Yoga

Tomorrow, rise with the springtime sun and join Yogi Julie Miller for a free beach yoga class, happening 7 a.m. at 48th St.  

Miller has been practicing yoga for 12 years and recently returned from a six-week yoga teacher training course in Australia. Now, she’s seeking yoga enthusiasts right here in Newport Beach. Miller is offering her first class free and students can choose their rates for additional classes. 

Julie Miller in Newport Beach // Instagram.com/namaste_free_

Writing on her Namaste Free website, Miller explains, “The gift of yoga for your body and mind is indispensable. Many people who would like to try yoga are deterred by the high price of private classes and feelings of insecurity within public group classes.”

If interested in tomorrow’s class or practicing yoga with Julie in the next few days, text or email the following information to (484) 678-6513 or Namafreeinfo@gmail.com:

  1. Name
  2. History with yoga (beginner/intermediate/advanced)
  3. Any recent or chronic injuries
  4. Two dates/times when you would like to practice (if tomorrow please indicate)

Namaste, good readers of West Oceanfront!