Newport Beach Trainer Launches Fearless Fitness Society

To meet Jessica Caruso, founder of Fearless Fitness Society, is to come face-to-face with the human embodiment of physical motivation. Her energy is boundless, her expertise is unmatched and her genuine desire to enhance the health and wellness of all those she trains is, in a word, awesome. (Oh and if you’ve ever taken a boot camp class with Jessica, you’ll know two major things by the time it’s through: 1. Your butt was most definitely kicked in the best way possible; and 2. She has NO fear of dancing.)

Of course, as one of Newport Beach’s most beloved fitness instructors and nutritional coaches, it only makes sense she’d launch an online program to spread the goodwill. Her newest business, Fearless Fitness Society, is a self-proclaimed “community of bad-ass, busy women from all walks of life, from every fitness level, who want to create the healthiest versions of themselves from anywhere in the world using the best customized online wellness program for females.”

In ten questions, we get the scoop on the brand-new Fearless Fitness Society (visit the official site here) and ask Jessica exactly what it means to join this elite group of women with powers and prowess unstoppable. 

WEST OCEANFRONT: You’ve been training and motivating fitness lovers in Orange County for years now. What made you want to start Fearless Fitness Society?

JESSICA CARUSO: My previous company mainly focused on fitness and I wanted to expand from that! Nutrition is vital for success and also for a healthy lifestyle. I wanted this new company launch to be the full thing … not just fitness!

Jessica Caruso, founder of Fearless Fitness Society
For those unfamiliar with your new company, what do you offer and how can someone sign up?

As of right now, Fearless offers one-on-one, fully customized online coaching. This includes 28 days of workouts, nutrition and mindset podcasts with reflection sections. You also get one-on-one coaching with me virtually so that we can both take part in this program from anywhere in the world. This [healthy] lifestyle is for anyone, anywhere, so why not make it accessible to people not just in Orange County?

And why did you call your new brand Fearless Fitness Society? What do those three words mean to you?

It did not take me long for this name to define the brand I wanted to create. Fearless Fitness Society was a no brainer. This is a COMMUNITY for women who are ready to stop letting fear get in the way of their success and frickin’ rock their best lives. The sooner we build, the sooner I get to create an online group for the women active in the program to share their success or stories, or even to get support when they feel like they have failed.

Fearless Fitness Society is described as a “community of bad-ass, busy women, from every fitness level, who want to create the healthiest version of themselves from anywhere in the world.”  So, what can bad ass women expect after embarking on this Fearless Fitness Society journey with you?

I wish in 28 days I could turn you into Wonder Woman but more importantly, in 28 days I can give you delicious, well-balanced recipes, killer workouts, and total coaching support. I want to motivate these women to feel like they are worth every moment of hard work, and with a positive mindset and the right coach, they will be the best versions of themselves.

So, yes, girls do run the world but what motivated you to start a company targeted to the bad-ass, busy woman?

Because I am one! There was a point this year where I was working so much and teaching over 100 people a day and I was just shot. I didn’t want to work out because I was too tired. I would just grab frozen dinners, eat and fall into bed, wake up at 5 a.m. and do it over again. It was scary because I lost this fire in me for a second that I truly believe defines me. The sad part is that this happens to so many women whether they are CEOs, full-time students, new moms, whatever. This immediately became the inspiration for the company. How can I create programs that are customized to a woman’s busy schedule and still help her get the results she wants? Fearless Fitness Society is the answer to that question.

A two-part question: Will you include nutrition guides for your subscribers and in a few words, what is your philosophy on healthy, mindful eating?

Absolutely. Food is one of the most amazing things in the world. It brings people together, it’s a family tradition, it’s nourishment, it’s everything. This program is a lifestyle development program, so after collecting information on your goals and schedule, I can then curate a menu that fits your dietary needs for a healthy and realistic lifestyle. Intuitive eating is one of my favorite “diet” styles.

OK, practical question: Summer is gone and we’re entering that seasonal phase where the powdered-sugar, holiday sugar cookies pour down like snow in California, and the sweatpants come out. Any advice on combating the post-summer, pre-holiday fitness slump?

Honestly, my No. 1 coaching tip for this is have a good support system. Make your goals known by the people around you! Tell your friends or family, “Hey, I shed 15 pounds and I’m so damn proud of myself. Can you do me a favor and keep me accountable?” At first, you may get a lot of push back because people do not understand your goals but once they see how important they are to you, your friends and family become an amazing accountability team, (and will back off when you turn down a cookie or glass extra of wine). People LOVE helping other people reach goals if they know the root of the goal.

Your boot camps (and I say this from real-life knowledge) are always a sweat-filled, blood-pumping, booty-boosting good time. Will you infuse your signature high-energy personality into your workouts?

I have and I hope that it shines through the programs, for sure! One way to get my personality in there is by checking out the Spotify playlists I will be putting together every month or two! I have designed the playlists to be listened to during the workout, so they will flow together in perfect harmony.

Top three favorite songs on your current Spotify playlist:

This might have been the hardest question for me to answer!

Losing It by Fisher – I’m a big deep house fan and this powerful baseline always motivates me. 

Kream by Iggy Azalea – This song makes me want to put on a power suit but also twerk. Total girl power.

I Was Made For Lovin’ You by KISS – Again the baseline gets me and this old school rock classic/love ballad is the perfect combination of a workout song and car karaoke (or treadmill karaoke) song!

From a fitness, health and really, an overall life perspective, what does being fearless mean to you?

Don’t hold back. If you want something, unapologetically move yourself towards it every day until it is a reality.