Holiday Shopping with West Oceanfront

Here’s the deal. We’re not going to sit here, typing away at our computer and try to convince you to shop our shop. Why? Because that would be lame. Instead, we’ll list four fun things that will absolutely, irrevocably happen if you DO shop our shop, hence convincing you in a roundabout way that yes, our products make for the perfect holiday gift. Ready?

1. You’ll feel really, really good.

Shop here:

Sure, you can buy any old t-shirt or sweatshirt but not many will turn, like a Cinderella pumpkin of the night, into meaningful purchases the minute you click “check out.” Our OCEAN BREATHE Collection of tees, tanks and hoodies was crafted for a cause. When you buy any item from OCEAN BREATHE, we donate 10% of the proceeds to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation of Orange County. It’s our way of helping people who live with this disease breathe a little easier today. And helping others who need it most is what the holiday season is all about.

2. Your “ugly” sweater won’t be ugly.

Shop it:

Sure, you could don a tacky, ugly sweater and be just like everyone else OR you could pick up one of our “ugly” (yes in quotes) sweaters and look cooler than a cucumber sunbathing on the 28th St. lifeguard tower in mid-December. In fact, our holiday gear isn’t just cute; it’s also a punny — “Baby it’s gold outside” — way to pay homage to Newport Beach’s famed Golden Hour, and a classic Christmas duet.

3. You’ll become instantly local … even if you aren’t. 

We’re about to share a secret never before disclosed … ever: There’s a West Oceanfront Magazine sticker at Cassidy’s. We won’t tell you where but if you do find it, we’ll buy your next tee. Anyway, the point of this whole point is to say that we’re a local publication and wearing our swag means that by association, you’re local, too. Cool, right?

4. Speaking of local, when you buy from our shop, you support small businesses. 

Our team is small. We’re scrappy. We’re feisty and we hustle. No, we don’t have 500 people working in our office, one just in charge of refilling coffee (we visit Alta for fresh brews). So, if you buy one of our tees, you’re buying into our dream … and it’s one we want to share with all of you. 

Happy holidays, everyone!

P.S. Visit our shop HERE