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Newport Beach Local Seinne Fleming Joins The Bachelor

Well, well, well. Newport Beach is about to get a little airtime on this season of The Bachelor. While the casting that placed Luyendyk Jr. as the lead is questionable, we’re totally on board with adding some local flavor into the rose-covered mix. A few days ago, Seinne Fleming of Newport Beach was announced among the 29 cast members for Season 22 and from what we know so far, she’s a solid choice.


Juice Served Here at Lido Marina Village Closes

Juice Served Here (JSH) has closed with unexpected finality in Lido Marina Village. And not only is the Newport Beach location shut down, the entire LA-based company, launched in 2012, is done. “This was been the hardest decision of my life,” wrote Alex Matthews, CEO and co-founder of JSH, in an epistle on the website titled, “An Untimely Goodbye.”


Modern Artisan Marketplace Graces Newport Beach

One thing was quickly apparent at the Modern Artisan Marketplace in Lido Marina Village yesterday: This wasn’t your average, neighborhood crafts fair. Modern Artisan Marketplace is an experiential confirmation there’s stylistic virtue to be found among the confluence of simple, modern clothes and folksy, handcrafted wear.


Newport Beach Stylist Cuts Hair for the Homeless

Where there is darkness, there must also be light. And if we can’t find light, then we can create it ourselves. This idea—the concept of goodness just because—recently motivated Patrick Kim, a hairstylist who works with clients in Newport Beach and throughout South Orange County, to spend several hours on a Monday morning trimming hair for the homeless.