Seinne Scenes Vol. 5: Pin Up, Bowl Over

Each week, we’re recapping the latest Bachelor episode featuring Seinne Fleming, former Newport Beach resident and current Season 22 contestant vying for Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s love. Welcome to #SeinneScenes, everyone …

In the world of Seinne Scenes, we have our good weeks and our bad. Some episodes are abundant with Seinne; she’s smiling, offering commentary, wearing super chic dresses and discussing the possibilities of life with Arie; and some weeks, we get nothing.

This Monday was pretty Seinne-less, save a glimpse, a smirk and a few words said in an aside that didn’t do much to advance the plot line of a Seinne and Arie romance; most of the focus throughout the episode was directed at Krystal and her odd detachment from reality on this reality TV show. 

As the show begins, Seinne is picked for the bowling group date in Ft. Lauderdale. There are pitchers of Bud Light on a small table and a few crudité platters. The girls change into retro bowling outfits and guzzle beer from clear plastic cups. Notably, Seinne sips her beer with a straw, which is totally on point because of course Seinne can make cheap booze look classy.

A competition begins, the girls split into two groups, and briefly, we see Seinne bowl. She tosses the ball easily and finishes her turn with one leg way up in the air like a prima ballerina whose stage is a second-rate bowling alley in South Florida. Her score wasn’t revealed but we all know it was a strike.

Dramatic form or not, in the end, Seinne’s team—The Pin Ups—loses to the other team with a less memorable name and Arie says the winners will get a special after-party and the losers will get to sit in a closet or locker room and talk about how they can’t go. Among the victors, Krystal. The cameras pan to The Pin Ups in said locker room or closet, dejectedly discussing the impartiality of the other five girls getting precious alone time with Arie.

Our Bachelor beau must have caught wind of the Pin Ups’ obvious disappointment and in a stunning about-face nobody saw coming, heroically declares that yes, a party is for one and all, inviting even the losing team members to his forthcoming fête.

Excuuuuse me? Krystal’s inner monologue whines, and then she really whines and cries for a solid 24 minutes of the episode. Apparently, this decision paints Arie as a liar in her mind, unworthy of her affection or presence at the party.

When Arie learns Krystal is a no-show for the bowling extravaganza after-party, he goes to her, inquiring what the heck is up. They talk, absurd words are exchanged—how can you rationalize with the irrational?—and an exasperated Seinne gets a few precious seconds of airtime.

“It’ll be interesting to see Arie’s reaction,” she tells the camera when Arie leaves their party to find Krystal. “I’m hoping he sends her home.”

She says the words with not a hint of malice but even kind-hearted Seinne has had enough.

When Krystal finally makes her entrance at the party (was there any doubt she wouldn’t return?) Seinne again uses her signature brand of levelheadedness to get some answers. “I’m just trying to understand,” she says to Krystal. “I don’t get what you’re trying to do.”

Krystal doesn’t answer her and instead exchanges a few words with Pixie-like Bekah (btw, she’s fun) that don’t get anyone anywhere, fast.

The rose ceremony looms, Arie picks Seinne second (phew) and we’re left with one final line from our Newport Beach girl, delivered to a crazy-eyed Krystal. Her words echo our own sentiments about an episode mostly devoid of Seinne: “This is not fun for us,” Seinne says to Krystal. “It’s not fun for us to do this, it really isn’t fun.”

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