Seinne Scenes Vol. 6: Can-can You Accept This Rose?

Each week, we’re recapping the latest Bachelor episode featuring Seinne Fleming, former Newport Beach resident and current Season 22 contestant vying for Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s love. Welcome to #SeinneScenes, everyone …

If ever there was a time Seinne deserved another one-on-one date, it was last night in Paris with a handwritten date card that said “Seinne on the Seine.”

But producers didn’t take the easy, Parisian-themed bait of a picnic for two along the river and instead, Seinne was relegated to a group date at the Moulin Rouge. Whatever, she’s a dancer, they probably just knew she’d slay.

First though, the whole girl crew takes a romp through the City of Lights, Seinne in a cute, black romper—must have it Seinne, please post outfit creds on Insta—paired with a long-sleeve white tee underneath. So chic, so Paris.

“The architecture, the culture, the history, it’s so stunning,” Seinne tells the camera. “I can’t wait to create new memories with Arie for our time together here in the city of love … in Paree!” 

Meanwhile, Arie is elsewhere among the magic of Paris, sitting in some garden with Chris Harrison, discussing the current complexities of his romantic journey. “These feelings are like, so strong,” Arie says about Bekah M. and a few other girls. “I can’t negate that.”

Chris nods, perhaps wondering how Arie managed to fit the word “negate” in an aside about love. He then explains, “This is serious now. This is all about relationships and whose relationships are moving forward.”

The Bachelor host’s voice is sunken with due gravitas, as if, in the weeks and episodes prior to this one, the seriousness of it all was nowhere near the seriousness that it has come to be.

So, with serious things on his mind, Arie departs for the group date, walking just behind Seinne for a moment, holding her hand over her shoulder in that cute, couple-y way people do. They’re strolling on the streets of Paris with a ton of other girls on their way to somewhere, about to do something.

“Is that the Moulin Rouge?” Seinne suddenly yells. “No it’s not!”

(It is.)

The girls spend the next few minutes of airtime learning to dance the can-can from a somewhat apathetic British choreographer.

“I can tell right away she’s doing really good,” the instructor says to Arie about Seinne, who just finished explaining how our girl is a longtime dancer.

“I grew up as a dancer so this is like, my element,” Seinne reiterates to the camera. “And I’m gonna kill it; I’m so excited!”

We’re excited, too. While the rest of the girls kind of flail in a vaguely French way across the floor, Seinne looks like she’s been doing this her entire life. Like somehow, they just came upon her in the Moulin Rouge theater, casually practicing her perfect pirouettes and twirls.

After each girl dances for Arie and Seinne delivers a smiling, elegant performance, the camera is back on Seinne. “I could have done better,” she says with a tinge of signature shyness. “But I smiled and I had sexy heels and that’s all that matters.”

Next comes a cocktail party, where Arie is tasked with giving out the single group-date rose. “It’ll be interesting to see who he feels strongest about,” says Seinne before spending some alone time with Arie. 

During their brief encounter, she speaks French to him—her accent is expectedly gorgeous—they cuddle, they kiss and all is well in the world, at least for right now. 

“I wasn’t expecting tonight to go as well as it did,” Seinne says. “This would be the first time that I wouldn’t be surprised to get a rose.”

Her words come true by the end of the episode, though not in the way we would’ve hoped. Bekah M. actually gets the group-date rose and the rest of the girls, Seinne included, are forced to watch her flit around the Moulin Rouge stage in a bad blonde bob, hand-in-hand with Arie. (Seriously what is up with the rampant voyeurism in this season?)

Finally, our girl is given a rose, albeit second to last, during the rose ceremony and we’re off to Tuscany for next week’s episode to spend some quality Italian time with Seinne. 

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